Hiring a Criminal Lawyer in Thailand

Hiring a Criminal Lawyer in Thailand

Criminal cases in Thailand are no joke and should be taken with the utmost seriousness they deserve. This means that is important to hire a Thai criminal lawyer who knows what he/she is doing in order to resolve your problems effectively and efficiently.

How you should hire a Thailand criminal lawyer

  1. Do your research

It is important that you do your research before you hire a Thailand criminal lawyer. There are plenty of places where you can do your research. Some simple internet searches are one way. The other way could be asking people for recommendations about hiring a Thailand criminal lawyer. Observe those names that keep popping up in a positive light and take not of them. By doing your research, you will be able to narrow down to a handful of criminal lawyers, firms, and addresses to check out.

  1. Check with the correct authorities

When you are looking to hire the services of any professional, qualifications are the first thing you look for. In the same way, you should look at the qualifications of a Thailand criminal lawyer before you hire them.

Now that you have shortlisted the criminal lawyers you are likely to hire, you must verify the qualifications of those lawyers. You must also verify whether they are in good standing with the legal governing bodies. In Thailand, qualified criminal lawyers are:

  • Licensed by the Law Council of Thailand
  • Registered with the country’s Bar Institute

Find out whether the criminal lawyer you want to hire is registered under these associations. These associations can also provide you with details of how long the particular lawyer has been practicing or which law school they graduated from and even if they have had any infractions with authority.

By following these steps, you are assured that the criminal lawyer is qualified.

  1. Schedule a meeting and ask questions

When you have successfully verified that a lawyer is qualified, the next step is to schedule an introductory meeting either in person or over the phone. Begin by asking the criminal lawyer how they would handle a certain case and compare their point of view with yours.

You should also have a list of questions to ask the prospective criminal lawyer. Some questions include:

  • Do you have any prior experience in handling cases like mine?
  • If you have, what were the results?
  • A simple layout of the fees?
  • The preferred method of communication?
  • How soon should I expect feedback concerning my case?

Ask any questions you have and be thoroughly satisfied with the answers that the criminal lawyer will give you before you hire them.

  1. Always trust your instincts

You will work closely with the criminal lawyer you hire. Consequently, you must ensure that you have a good rapport with them. You should be able to trust your criminal lawyer and be able to feel comfortable and confident in their abilities. Pick up any nonverbal cues.

Eventually, hire a criminal lawyer who you are most comfortable working with. There are many good Thailand criminal lawyers, you just need to know how to hire the right one.



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