How to Select a Lawyer in Thailand?

You must have an Experienced Trial Lawyer – Barrister

  • The lawyer you select must be an experienced trial lawyer with a track record of success. Serious cases in Thailand go to court. We are not real estate lawyers, visa lawyers, estate lawyers, etc. We represent people with serious cases who need an articulate, confident, and aggressive courtroom lawyer who will provide a smart, vigorous and passionate defense on their behalf.
  • 50% of Thai lawyers have never seen the inside of a courtroom
  • 95% have never successfully defended a client in a serious criminal case
  • Barristers must pass 5 specialized, complex, arduous law exams (that are far beyond that of the standard lawyer entrance exam), as well as present and defend an  oral presentation to a panel of senior judges.

You need an English Speaking Lawyer

1.) If you are a foreigner and you can not speak the Thai language it is critically important that you have a Thai lawyer who can speak English.

2.) English speaking Thai lawyers are a rare commodity. English speaking Thai trial lawyers, are a very rare commodity.

3.) Garn Tuntasatityanond is an English speaking Thailand trial lawyer with superior courtroom skills.

4.) You will need to accept the fact that in all cases, the cost of an English speaking Thai trial lawyer will be higher than non-English speaking Thai lawyers, but the following benefits will apply:

  • You are able to participate in your own case, in your own defense, your contributions to your own defense, your ability to relate the facts of your case to your lawyer can contribute greatly to your defense and be one of the factors that enables a positive judgment.
  • Your ability to communicate with your lawyer will enable you to determine if your lawyer is competent and can effectively manage your case and obtain the result you need.

Your lawyer must be supported by a competent team of professionals

1.) There is a great deal of work that goes in to the successful defense of a criminal or civil case. When multiple people are involved in your defense important results can be achieved. We have brilliant people who’s backgrounds, knowledge, and experience provide valuable insights. The involvement of multiple ideas often produce beneficial results.