Thailand Lawyers: Expert at Family Laws


One of the most intense and emotionally challenging cases is that of family laws. In these cases, either a party has to go through the trauma of having their children snatched and given to the other party, or it involves divorce. It also involves losing large sums of money due to the promised dowry by the man’s side to be given to the bride after marriage. Thailand Lawyers are of the view that many of these promised dowries are not delivered after the marriage which raises an element of doubt in the hearts of the girl’s family which in turn feed her to ask for what was promised. In this tussle, the whole relationship falls apart.

Let’s shed some light on the type of family issues we are quite proficient in dealing with, both inside and outside of court.

Types of Family Issues We Provide Our Services In:

  1. Divorce:

No matter how intense your offense may be, no matter how gruesome acts the involved parties have done against each other, but none of them come even a slight close to the intensity and ruthlessness of a divorce. Even the religious terms it as one of the most vicious practices, and this is the biggest way to contribute to the happiness of evil forces. The existing divorce laws in Thailand are the results of the traditional norms and practices, and in order to keep yourself from the prying eyes of those who seek to burn your relationship, Thailand lawyers Bangkok is offering the best and compassionate representation at Garn Tuntasatityanond& Associates.

  1. Child Custody:

The cases of child custody in every culture or country are quite sensitive and certainly the most important. For those who are the inhabitants of Thailand, there is not an issue of representing them in such cases because most probably, a settlement is reached in between the parties prior to moving towards the trial. The issue, however, is far much crucial for international residents residing in Thailand or in Bangkok. The Thailand Lawyers find it quite challenging to represent the foreign clients because such cases often end up in melancholic voices in the courtroom.

However, our team of brilliant lawyers doesn’t back-off in the worst of the situations because our C.E.O is extremely brilliant in divorce and custody procedures.

  1. Marriage:

Our team of competent lawyers is quite well-versed in all marriage laws, and we make sure that all the points are discussed and understood by the consenting adults if the marriage is a love marriage or by their parents in case the marriage is arranged. This is done to secure the benefits and future of both the parties without costing them anything.

Thailand Lawyers bring each and every point in the discussion and then we see how to proceed further. If there is a conflict of interest by just a single point, we advise them to settle or else, we provide them with the expert opinion regarding the prenuptial agreements which can be signed by the parties in order to avoid any mess-up in the future.

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