English Speaking Thai Lawyer

Clear communication between you and your lawyer is critical to your successful defense. You are in the best position to communicate the details of your arrest to your lawyer. You may be the only person directly involved in the events surrounding your arrest and therefore in the best position to point out if police and witness statements are accurate. You will not be able to participate in your own defense if your lawyer doesn’t speak English, and can’t understand you.

People who use a translator are never confident their lawyer completely understands the details of their case and what they are attempting to communicate

The translator will tell you your lawyer understands, your lawyer will shake his head up and down and smile at you, and then screw everything up and get you convicted. 

Garn English Speaking Thai Lawyer in Bangkok Thailand

A lawyer who speaks English is critically important to your defense. 

There are less than a handful of competent and experienced English speaking Barrister/Trial Lawyer/Criminal Defense Attorneys in Thailand.

You are a valuable part of your defense team, but you can’t participate in your own defense if you can not effectively communicate with your lawyer.

Criminal cases are difficult enough without the added frustration you will experience when you can not communicate the facts and circumstances of your case to your lawyer.

Garn Tuntasatityanond speaks, reads and writes English.  He can speak with you, and listen to you, and fully and completely understand you.

When Garn Tuntasatityanond listens to you he will give you instant feed back assuring you that he has a clear understanding. Anyone who has been previous represented by a non-English speaking Thai lawyer understands the frustration of not being involved in their own defense and not knowing how their lawyer is handling their case.