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Spending time in jail let alone Thailand jails is not the desire of any person. Fortunately, the Thailand justice system allows defendants to post bail requests and be released. However, getting released on bail in Thailand is not automatic even after the bail amount has been set and paid.

Unfortunately, without the qualified legal representation of a lawyer in Thailand, bail is easily denied even when the bail amount has been pre-set. All prisoner releases must have a final judicial approval before the release of the prisoner.

A bail bond lawyer in Thailand is a necessity not only in getting bail requests approved but also in getting a prisoner released.

Why are is a bail bond lawyer in Thailand necessary?

  • There is a lot of corruption in Thailand and many people become victims of scams and extortion. In some cases, not everyone who is arrested in Thailand is actually guilty.
  • The prison conditions in Thailand are inhumane. The temperatures can reach life threatening levels. There is improper medical treatment and prisoners receive meals once a day. So a Thailand prison is a place anyone should avoid.

When selecting a bail bond lawyer in Thailand, there are qualities that you should be on the lookout for:

  • Trust and competency

Why trust? The monies set as the bail amount must be paid to the court to secure the release of a prisoner. Therefore, a licensed bail bond lawyer in Thailand is expected to pay the bail money to the court or else the defendant will not be released.  In addition, you should require proof that the lawyer is licensed. Otherwise, a quirk bail bond lawyer may act fraudulently and cost a defendant his or her freedom.

Why competence? A bail bond lawyer in Thailand must be competent to assure that a prisoner will be released. As mentioned, paying bail does not always guarantee that a prisoner will be released because a Thailand judge can decide otherwise based on other factors. Therefore, having a bail request granted is incumbent of the bail bond lawyer giving the court an assurance that the bail will be paid.

Furthermore, Thai courts have to hear many cases and judges can take up to 9-12 months to give a final verdict. The only way to shorten this period is through bail appeal. In order to file a bail appeal in court, a lot of paperwork is required and hence only a skilled bail bond lawyer in Thailand knows the proper way of writing the bail appeal. Any slight mistakes or misrepresentation of facts may result in rejection of bail appeal.

Hence, a competent bail bond lawyer in Thailand is not an option. It is a necessity in order to safeguard the release of a prisoner.

A bail bond lawyer in Thailand act on behalf of a criminal defendant and arrange with the court to have them released from jail as they wait for the trail in exchange for money or collateral. Bail bond lawyers in Thailand make it much easier for criminal defendants to get a free path out of jail which is an opportunity every prisoner looks forward to.

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