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Throughout our Firm’s history in Thailand, Siam Center Law Group has made excellence the foundation of our practice. More than a decade of service, our Thai barristers, Thai lawyer and legal executives, give us the experience, reputation, resources, and vision to serve our clients’ dynamic needs.

We have location in the center of Bangkok, Thailand.

Whether you are looking for Thai barristers or Thai lawyers for your case. We will answer your questions and guide you through this difficult time. You can trust that our Thai barristers and Thai lawyers will complete your case in a quick and efficient manner.

Criminal Defense Attorneys

We pursue Criminal Prosecutions for individuals who are victims of Drug Case, Fraud Crimes, Embezzlement, Money Laundering, Extradition, Sex Crimes, Theft, Burglary, Larceny, Shoplifting, Murder, Attempted Murder, etc. that resulted from business dealings in Thailand.

Civil Prosecution Lawyers

We pursue Civil Prosecutions to obtain financial reimbursement for individuals and companies who are victims of Fraud, Embezzlement, Theft, Breach of Contract, etc. that resulted from business dealings in Thailand. We immediately petition the court to freeze assets and then institute the seizure and sale of offender assets to compensate victims of crimes.

Criminal Prosecution Lawyers

Thai law permits private individuals to prosecute other private individuals with criminal penalties. Our lawyers can prosecute individuals on your behalf with the same effect as if the case were prosecuted by the police and a government prosecutor. Criminal penalties as well as monetary compensation apply.

Family Law Attorneys

Compassionately managing the emotionally charged processes of divorce and child custody,

Experienced and Aggressive Litigators/Courtroom Lawyers/Trial Lawyers

We believe the best defense – is a strong offense!
  • Our attorneys aggressively defend your rights.
  • We are a trial law firm representing both defendants and plaintiffs

The trial of a case in court is war. As a result of a war in a criminal case people are either jailed or freed, in the family court children can be taken from their parent’s, in the civil court fortunes can be lost. The key to winning a case at trail is through controlling the war. The most effective response to any attack is not a defense, but a counter attack that puts us in control. When our clients are attacked, we counter attack and our attacks are relentless.

Garn lawyer in Bangkok Thailand

In civil and family law cases we have a reputation for our abilities at trial and our negotiation skills. Our bargaining powers during negotiations are aided by our reputation as strong trial lawyers. Opposing counsel knows that if the case goes to trial they will have a formidable opponent in SIAM CENTER LAW GROUP.

We are respected by the prosecutors and judges in the courtrooms in which we often appear.


When you hire SIAM CENTER LAW GROUP you will be represented by:

  1. A Confident, smart, and aggressive trial lawyer/barrister who cares about you and is committed to providing you with a vigorous defense.
  1. A seasoned trial lawyer with a great deal of experience with criminal and civil trials and has achieved an impressive track record of success.

Experience, Compassion, Integrity Lawyer in Bangkok Thailand

Best Thailand Law Firm, No. 1 Thailand Law Firm


  • Premeditated Murder in the first degree –Stabbing in Koh Samui – Israeli Mafia
  • Child Custody – Australian father
  • Possession of 150 kilos of heroin – death penalty applies
  • Rape – 30 year penalty if convicted
  • Possession of 1 kilo of cocaine – Phuket Airport – death penalty applies
  • Shoplifting – 2-3 year penalty if convicted
  • Possession of 0.5 grams of methamphetamines – 4+ year penalty if convicted
  • Possession of 2 grams of ecstasy – 6+ year penalty if convicted
  • Child custody – American father denied access to his child by Thai mother
  • Human Trafficking – Supreme Court appeal – 30 year prior sentence
  • Fraud /Embezzlement – plaintiff’s attorney, civil and criminal
  • Fraud – defendant’s attorney- Supreme Court appeal – 3.5 year prior sentence
  • Drugs – Supreme Court appeal – 33 year prior sentence 10,000 tablet “Ice”
  • Dismembered body found in freezer
  • Counterfeit passports – possession and distribution
  • Possession of firearms
  • Possession of 7.7 grams of ICE
  • Prosecution of fraud case against business partner – 100 Million Thai baht
  • Prosecution of fraud case against business partner –  5 Million Thai baht
  • Prosecution of fraud case against former spouse – 10 Million Thai baht

In Thailand more than 0.375 grams of any drug is charged as intent to sell

Whether you are faced with a criminal charge, divorce, child custody matter, or a serious civil dispute, you need an effective advocate working on your behalf. Our Thailand Lawyer‘s experience, reputation and track record assures that you will receive the highest quality representation.

We are a Thailand Law Firm specializing in trial law located in Thailand’s capital city of Bangkok. Trial law is our sole area of practice; the other legal services we provide merely support our trial law practice. We are the most respected trial law firm in Thailand, all other law firms have little experience and expertise in comparison. Over 97% of Bangkok law firms focus solely on business law which primarily consists of generating documents, and very few of their lawyer’s have ever seen the inside a courtroom.

Experienced team of professionals

Experience team of Thai professional lawyers, barristers, legal executives in Thailand

Included Barristers, lawyers and legal executives