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Let’s face it, lawyer rates are not always affordable, moreover, it is difficult to provide estimates as different firms and individuals themselves have their personal rates. What make Thailand Lawyers charge substantially for their services? Well, it has been thought of generally as, if you can solve a problem without involving a lawyer, you save some money, but if you involve a legal representative, you stand to save more.

Since we’ve established that proper legal consultation saves you quite a sum of money, attorneys know this and charge accordingly. Understand that not all Thailand Lawyers who charge the most and the highly experienced and not all great lawyers charge a lot of money. Irrespective of their rates, the charges you incur are usually relative to your legal problem.

Thailand Lawyer for Immigration Services

As mentioned earlier, Thailand has no binding legal fee tables. Remunerations are often agreed upon by the parties involved (client and lawyer) relative to the case presented. Most charges usually follow a pattern that is reliant upon the nature of the case. For instance, immigration services, payment can either be a fixed fee (i.e., during standard non-criminal cases), hourly (i.e., whenever complex criminal law cases are involved) or sometimes the cost may be success-based, which is often a rare case.

Cost of an Immigration Thailand Lawyer

Immigration lawyers, as mentioned earlier, commonly charge a flat fee or hourly rates. Roughly, Immigration Thailand Lawyers operating on an hourly basis have their rates setfrom $75 to $150. Larger firms often include VAT charges whenever a client seeks the services of their lawyers.

Most people don’t entirely grasp the importance of having an immigration lawyer in Thailand assisting you in your immigration procedures. One can incur indirect costs, through imprisonment or have a fine slapped on them of THB 500. The worst case scenario is being banned or blacklisted from the Kingdom of Thailand forever.

Why you need an Immigration Thailand Lawyer?

Thailand boasts as being one of the countries with the toughest immigration policies. The complexities of the immigration laws will undoubtedly require you to seek the services of an immigration Lawyer in Thailand.

Due to the complex nature of Thai immigration policies, hiring a lawyer in Thailand can net you several benefits as follows:

  • Faster Immigration Documents processing – Immigration lawyers are well-versed in immigration policies and have technical know-how on how they operate. He/she can bypass certain levels a guarantee you faster document like visas and passports processing. Moreover, they can advise you to the brim on said policies, most important to those seeking a long-term stay in the country.
  • Document filing and preparation –Most people can argue that this can be done without the assistance of a legal representative. However, it is critical to note that failure to enter the correct information, even unintentionally, may hamper your immigration proceedings.
  • Recognition of privileges – There are some underlying privileges, for instance, student visas that most people don’t recognize, and eventually, fail to use them. However, with an immigration lawyer by your side, you’ll be well-informed of possible privileges and their value towards you.

As you can see, most benefits accrued revolve around comfort and efficiency.

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