What you should expect from your Thailand lawyer?

Apart from being acknowledged with the Thailand lawyer‘s expertise, experience, fees, special knowledge, and management of the case; Lawyer communication, competency, ethics, and fees are important aspects of an attorney-client relationship.

As a summary you can expect your Thailand lawyer to do the following importantly:

• Give you advice about your legal situation in Thailand

• Tell you what he or she thinks will happen in your case

• Not reveal anything you tell him or her in confidence. There are some exceptions to this rule in, for example, certain life-threatening situations.

• Give you an estimate about what your case should cost

• Allow you to make the important decisions regarding your case

• Keep you informed about your case

• Assist you in any cost-benefit analyses that you may need

• Inform you of any changes, delays or setbacks

• Keep you updated on your case.

• Give you the information you need to make good decisions

• Exercise independent professional judgment on your behalf.

• Keep in communication with you

• Prepare you for your case, including deposition and trial preparation. Your lawyer should:

• Represent you zealously and use all lawful and ethical means to present or defend your case.

• Act ethically and abide by the Rules of Professional Conduct and the California Business & Professions Code.

• Allow you to make the final decisions regarding how your case will be handled.

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Basic Things to always remember while hiring a Thailand Lawyer

1. Your Thailand lawyer should give you a basic description of your legal matter and let you know what problems to expect, how they’ll be handled, and when things will happen. And of course, your lawyer should promptly return phone calls and answer your questions.

2. When you hire a lawyer in Thailand, make sure that your fee agreement is in writing. That’s the law in some states, and it’s always a good idea. The agreement should specify how often you will be billed and should obligate the lawyer to provide an itemized statement. If you’ve agreed to pay your lawyer a contingency fee (the lawyer collects only if you win), be sure you know exactly how the fee is calculated and who pays for costs that arise while the lawsuit is in progress.

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