Know Your Rights: A Survival Guide from Thai Law Firm

Survival Guidance from Thai Law Firm

Thai Law Firm finds expert Thailand lawyers who work round the clock to represent you in difficult times. At our law firm in Thailand, lawyers are considerate and want you to know your legal rights and fight for the things you believe in. We know the toll such matters can have on your personal life, finance, and your health. We strive to ensure that every matter of your life runs smoothly and without any trouble.

This is why our Thai Law Firm will assist you in different legal issues. Whether it is a severe criminal case or perhaps you need help to file for bail to keep you, or a loved one out of jail, we’ll be there for you. Just because you or your loved one made one mistake in life doesn’t mean you should pay for it forever. Our highly qualified team of lawyers know legal complications and how to solve them at the back of their mind. These groups of lawyers have received education from all over the world and experience in different practice areas.

Team of Lawyers in Garn Tuntasatityanond & Associates

Our expertise is in trial laws, and we are pretty good at it. We have a team that consists of lawyers who even worked as judges and as senior officials. We maintain amiable ties with current judges and prosecutors. This helps us secure a firm footing in the legal world. The zone of trial cases can be intense, and if you don’t have lawyers who are ready to fight dirty for you when the time calls, then you aren’t doing something right.

We also deal in civil law cases as well as family law issues. We have seen a lot of family disputes, domestic violence issues, property disputes, employer-employee problems, and other areas where the oppressor suppresses the rights of others. We want to make sure your rights are never taken away from you. No matter how messy or intricate the issue is, we are here to comprehensively view the details of your case and help you find the best solution that includes minimal damage to your social and personal life, as well as to your finances.

Our English-speaking Thailand lawyers are present round the clock to assist you, even if what you require is a ‘mere’ legal help in understanding the case. There is hardly any other firm this motivated to serve its clients. However, we take on cases personally and fight diligently to ensure our customers remain safe, protected and get their rights. We know how to deal with challenging matters; our strategy of strong offence makes us feared amongst opponents. We are a firm that is respected throughout the market by judges and other legal bodies. This reputation has been built on client satisfaction, and this measure is crucial to us. If you need help recognizing your legal rights, contact us for assistance.

Garn Tuntasatityanond & Associates is the largest Bangkok Law Firm, oldest criminal law, civil law, family law firm. We’ve experienced attorney, lawyers in Nong Khai, Pattaya, Bangkok Thailand.

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