What to Look For in a Thailand Lawyer

Thailand Lawyer

A Thailand lawyer can help you move through the different stages in life whether it is concerning marriage, buying and selling a property, starting a business, extending your visa or composing a will. The assistance from the right Thailand lawyer can mean the difference between an easy and efficient transition. For example, if you are moving to Thailand, the first point of contact should be with a Thailand lawyer to arrange your business from the start.

The issue is then about choosing the right Thailand lawyer. Before you choose a lawyer, you must first identify the legal services you need and then look for available options.


As mentioned, before you choose a Thailand lawyer, you must first define your legal needs so that you can find out if the lawyer you wish to choose has experience in working with situations like yours. While a lawyer with extensive experience in setting up businesses is still a qualified lawyer, they may not have the expertise to help you with an arbitrated divorce.

To find out the depth of expertise of the Thailand lawyer, just contact your potential choices and as questions about their experience and fields of expertise. Since lawyers value their reputations, they will freely talk to you about the areas they are experienced in. an honest lawyer should tell what they can and cannot do.


The foundations of a professional relationship with a lawyer are communication and trust without which it is impossible to have a rapport. A good Thailand lawyer will display his/her credentials and areas of expertise. The lawyer’s website could give you the profile.

A Thailand lawyer with professionalism will respond effectively to your important concerns. He/she will be clear in communicating especially regarding how the fees and services work. Another indicator of professionalism is good language skills. Language skills are necessary for legal situations. You should be confident that the Thailand lawyer has the ability to explain things to you with clarity.

A professional Thailand lawyer will explain to you any situation that may be a limitation as they offer their service to you e.g. foreign lawyers cannot practice law and argue cases in court.

Last but not least, a professional lawyer will always keep you in the loop and keeps any progress transparent by allowing you to have access to your legal file.


Thailand lawyers can be expensive. Nevertheless, finding the cheapest lawyer is not usually the best decision. Higher fees are generally taken to be a reflection of comprehensive services but you should be interested in knowing what you will get by paying a certain fee. A good Thailand lawyer will help you set up a payment plan. However, other lawyers will request for the 100% fees upfront depending on your legal situation.


Whichever the case, make sure that you are paying the right Thailand lawyer. Be confident in their skills and expertise before you pay them. Stay within your budget. Cheap is in many cases expensive but high fees and not surety of capability.

When finding the right Thailand lawyer, have an open mind. Properly assess and vet a lawyer before you hire them.

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