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Thai law firm is a business set up by one or more lawyers to practice and offer legal services in Thailand. Three-quarters of all attorneys work in a Thai law firm. Roles of law firm lawyers vary based on the size and complexity of the law firm in Thailand. Here’s below is an outline of the various roles within a law firm and how each role fits into the Thai law firm hierarchy. Along with Law firms in Thailand employ paralegals and secretaries. They are non-lawyer executive and staff who support in firm’s legal and business functions.

Duties of Legal Staff in a Law Firm of Thailand

A legal firm in Thailand determines the legal staff by the size of the law firm. Thai Law firms vary widely in size. The duties of a legal staff are many. They depend on various contexts, and mainly the size and the specialization of firm. Before dwelling on the subject too much, of all legal staff duties it is important to understand the context of the size and types of law firms in Thailand.

Managing Partners in Thai Law Firm

The managing partner sits at the top of the thai law firm hierarchy. The founding lawyer of the firm, the managing partner manages the day-to-day operations of the firm. They often heads an executive committee comprised of other senior partners and helps establish and guide the firm’s strategic vision. They usually assume management responsibilities in addition to maintaining a full-time law practice.


New or inexperienced lawyers and part-time practitioners of larger law firms are called associates. Associates do not own part of the law firm in Thailand and thus are considered non-equity, but they have the potential of becoming a partner in the future. They deal with new or lower profile clients and charge lower fees than partners.

Thailand lawyer has the capability of starting his own firm can start the business and ones he becomes established, he employs a legal staff in his Thailand Law Firm. The Law firm in Thailand has a purpose of undertaking the responsibilities of the Thailand law firm by representing the firm’s client in court, advising them about their legal rights and carrying out legal duties for these clients.
Partnership is a typical structure of a law firm in Thailand. The firm is owned by a number of Thailand lawyers who are partners. They share revenue from their services as a legal team through the law firm they have set up.
Thailand law firm can also be a sole proprietorship. The Thailand lawyer can set up a law firm and employ a set of lawyers. These are the various ownership structures of law firms in Thailand.

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