Why hire Thailand Lawyers for Family Law Cases in Thailand

Family law in Thailand encompasses any family-relevant matters in the country mainly child adoption (quite uncommon in Thailand), divorce, and marriage. Foreigners living in Thailand and thinking about adopting any Thai children or getting married in the country should seek consultation from Thailand lawyers before proceeding with anything.

Your Thailand family lawyer represents you every step of the way when you are filing a lawsuit. During lawsuit filing, you should consider several factors namely determining the relevant parties to the case, determining the court’s jurisdiction, and designating the court accordingly. Such factors, among others, will make it imperative to seek the assistance of a Thailand lawyer, particularly one who is adept at handling family law cases.

The services provided by our Thailand lawyers include but are not limited to marriage consultation, child custody, prenuptial agreements, child adoption, divorce, and marriage registration. You need the services of a Thailand lawyer especially when putting together personal legal documents, notary services, private agreements, public instruments, and more.

We have established our clientele based on our genuine reputation for offering high-quality legal services not only in family-related issues, but also corporate or business related matters, criminal, and civil law. Our Thailand lawyers are professionals in their relevant areas of expertise so you can be secure in the fact that you will be receiving only the best legal services. We believe in resolving matters in a manner that is both cost-efficient and conciliatory. Our Thailand lawyers offer insight on all matters Thai family law seeing as we have vast experience in handling custody disputes or writing up alimony claims.

If you plan to marry while in Thailand, then a Thailand lawyer will help you register your marriage at a local district office for the union to be considered legitimate. Muslims in Thailand should also seek the assistance of a Thailand lawyer if they want to get married in Thailand for an Islamic marriage to be arranged and then registered in the country.

It is crucial that you seek counsel from a Thailand lawyer if you plan to divorce in Thailand because they can offer you support and advice. You can choose between a divorce by consent and a litigated divorce depending on the circumstances of your situation. If you are going through a divorce, then you are better off if you know the grounds for the divorce in Thailand so you can know the best way of going about it. Alimony and child custody will come up during the conversation with your Thailand lawyer on divorce. Such cases can be complicated especially across borders.

Your lawyer will also help you draft a prenuptial agreement if you want to get married in Thailand and you want to make sure your property is protected.

A last will and testament will be necessary if you have retired while in Thailand; you will also need to add it to your retirement visa and our family Thailand lawyers can assist with this process. You should have a retirement for your home state and one for Thailand to save time and money following your passing.

Thai Law Firm gives an overview of the Criminal Law System

Thai law firm gives an in-depth overview of the criminal law system that usually employs five types of sanctions: fines, property forfeiture, confinement sentences, imprisonment sentences, and the death sentence.

  • Fines

Fines are imposed on petty crime offenders. They pay this fine to the government much akin to the US. If the fine is jumped then a confinement order is issued. In any case, where the judgement set involves prison sentence and a fine, the judge may drop the prison sentence and impose the fine only

  • Confinement Sentence

A confinement sentence is normally set at three months. A confinement sentence is applicable where a first-time offender gets a prison sentence of three months. Confinement is often viewed as less severe than prison.

  • Imprisonment and Death Sentence

An Imprisonment sentence is imposed on criminal offenders and can range from one day sentence to life imprisonment.

Death sentence is often done by a firing squad and prisoners served with a death sentence, often have their prison term sentences reduced. The death sentence, in as much as it seems gruesome, it has been fashioned by Thai law Firm. Moreover, the only royal ruler can pardon prison inmate.

An offender can also be slapped with a probation by Thai Law Firm, but only when the offender is deemed good of conduct while serving a portion of their sentence. Probation is often issued for the offender to re-establish his or her character in the society into a model citizen.

Department of Corrections

The last phase of the Thai criminal law system is the Department of Corrections. Here, custody and rehabilitation of the offenders take place. The Department of Corrections, once judgment has been handed, detains the individual (provided they’re 18 years and over), ensure the rights of convicts are aligned with the law, ensure the prisoner receives basic needs, provide training in readiness for the society, ensure the safety of inmates as well as co-operate with other criminal justice agencies.

The primary aim of the Department of Corrections is to reduce  thai law firm, thai law, criminal law, criminal law system, criminal law system in thailand, criminal law, criminal law system in thailand, thai criminal law system and eliminate repeat offenders by enabling prisoners to be skillful in crafts as well as being morally upright in the eyes of the community and the society in general.

Juvenile and Family Courts                                                                                  

Thai criminal law system does not prosecute individual younger than 7 or hold them liable for crimes. Individuals from the age of 7 to 14 cannot also be charged under Thai Law, they, however, face juvenile procedures where they reflect on their misdeeds and help them turn over a new leaf. Juvenile and Family courts have jurisdiction over those less than 18 years who cannot be charged under Thai Criminal Law and most of their sentences includerehabilitation sanctions, skill training, and reunions.

Law Enforcement

Thai criminal law system is enforced by the Thai Royal Police Force. As a subdivision of the Ministry of Interior, they are tasked with law enforcement throughout the entire kingdom. Operational units of the Royal Police Force include Border Patrol Police, Provincial Police, and Metropolitan Police. All operational units are coordinated centrally from the headquarters in the capital, Bangkok.

Know how to choose the best Thai Law Firm

Thai Law Firm helps you with the highly competent and experienced Thailand Lawyers, so  if you have been ever convicted with any kind of an offense, having a court representative from one of the best Thai Law Firm is a good idea. Avoid the mistake that many people make by thinking that the offense is not complex and thus no need for an attorney. No offense is too small. You may end up into court penalties, loss of valuable properties, and your driving license cancellation or end up spending years serving a jail term.

Search for the Thai Law Firm that specializes in Cases you have been convicted with.

Now that you need a Thailand lawyer, how can you be sure that you have contracted the top law firm in Thailand? The first thing is to identify the category of your case. Is it a criminal offense, assault, DUI, drug crime, Child abuse, bribery, or fraud? There are various law firms in Thailand, all claiming to be the best, but is this always the case. Not every attorney can handle any case. The days of looking for a general attorney are over. Only work with a Thai lawyer who specializes in that specific area that matches your court conviction.

Have You Done A Thorough Research?

For you to get the best top law firm in Thailand, you need to do a thorough research and inquiries. But isn’t this a taxing exercise for you? We are here to help you with great ideas and inspirations that will make your experience of identifying the best Thailand lawyers as painless as possible.

Engage Only a Fully Registered Popular Thailand Law Firm

Always go for the Thailand Law Firm that is fully registered and licensed and known to have been in existence for at least 15 years. The reputation of their Thai lawyers should be good. A law firm that is known to take cases through successful court trials is the best for you. Experience matter a lot- not every attorney can take a case through to the trial stage. Many cases are dismissed before they reach the trial stage. Judges at times takes advantage of lawyers with a record of not taking their cases successfully to the trial stage.

Go For a Thai Law Firm You Are Comfortable To Work With

Understanding court terminologies and proceedings is not simple, especially if you have been overwhelmed by the kind of the offense you have been convicted with. At times, especially if you are an accident victim, presenting yourself to the court can be difficult. You need to find a Thailand lawyer whom you can trust and one that you can comfortably communicate with.  English speaking attorney is to be considered.

Find a Law Firm That Takes Your Case Individually- Have Time For You

A lawyer who is able to take your case individually and have time to communicate and discuss with you how things are moving on and prepare you well in advance about the next court proceedings and the possible course of action and also help you prepare in advance the court requirements, for example scientific research, medical report and more.

How Much Are The Charges?

The amount your lawyer in Thailand is charging you should be highly affordable and reasonable. You need to discuss the terms and duration of payment well in advance to avoid future conflicts.

Thailand Lawyers: Thai Justice System – Thai Legal System

Thailand Lawyers can help you through your court representation. All human beings are prone to offenses and you can find yourself convicted of a criminal offense at some point in life. Thus, it’s simple that you need to hire an experienced and the best Lawyer in Thailand. Because as a Thai citizen, how can you find justice if you don’t know the Thai justice system? This article is meant to enlighten you with Thai legal system overview just to help you know the current legal status in Thailand.

Thai Justice System

Since days immemorial, Thailand has been known to be governed by a constitutional monarchy, with the King being the head of state. Thailand’s legal system is based on civil law system.  When you read the overview in the legal systems of the Asia Pacific region, you will get to understand how law establishment has been developed and modernized over years till the present days where every individual is entitled to justice, the king now not being the sole judge.

Once an individual is convicted of any offense, court proceedings begin whereby Thailand constitution gives democratic rights to every offender to identify witnesses and find the best Thai Law Firm to help in court representation.

Recognized Courts In Thailand

Thailand nation’s constitution recognizes the following four courts; constitutional court, administrative court, the Courts of Justice and the Military Court. Each court has its specific responsibilities. Currently, four specialized courts in Thailand have been established. These are; the Tax Courts, Labor Courts, the Intellectual Property Courts and the International Trade court. The common court responsible for trying and adjudicating criminal and civil cases is the general court.

Thai Legal System

If you happen to have a legal issue, seeking legal advice from experienced Thailand lawyers can be the best idea for you. It can be a taxing exercise for you to properly understand the functioning of Thailand court structure, and more so court terminologies might be totally new to you.

Looking For Legal Services?

When faced with a legal challenge, you need to know the benefits of finding the Best Lawyer in Thailand for your case. There are many merits associated with working with a reputable Thai Law Firm you need to know. For instance, you have been convicted with a criminal case, having an experienced Thai attorney increases your chances of a successful trial.

A lawyer in Thailand increases your chances of winning over your case where you could have faced heavy penalties, lose property, lose your driving license from a DUI case or even spending years in jail. A reasonable fee is charged to contract a Thailand lawyer. Therefore, this can never be taken for granted if you want to save yourself from negative effects of losing over a court case.

Finding the most competent and highly experience Thai Law Firm with a great reputation of taking court cases to trial stage for success is what you need. An attorney who has time for you and one that takes your case individually. Go for a Thai Law Firm  you are comfortable to work with and one that you can trust with your personal and confidential information.

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If you are looking for hiring a Lawyer in Bangkok, Thailand, we are here to help in all your court cases. Call us now or visit our website for detailed information about our legal services in Thailand.



Cost of Thailand Lawyers Specializing in Immigration

Let’s face it, lawyer rates are not always affordable, moreover, it is difficult to provide estimates as different firms and individuals themselves have their personal rates. What make Thailand Lawyers charge substantially for their services? Well, it has been thought of generally as, if you can solve a problem without involving a lawyer, you save some money, but if you involve a legal representative, you stand to save more.

Since we’ve established that proper legal consultation saves you quite a sum of money, attorneys know this and charge accordingly. Understand that not all Thailand Lawyers who charge the most and the highly experienced and not all great lawyers charge a lot of money. Irrespective of their rates, the charges you incur are usually relative to your legal problem.

Thailand Lawyer for Immigration Services

As mentioned earlier, Thailand has no binding legal fee tables. Remunerations are often agreed upon by the parties involved (client and lawyer) relative to the case presented. Most charges usually follow a pattern that is reliant upon the nature of the case. For instance, immigration services, payment can either be a fixed fee (i.e., during standard non-criminal cases), hourly (i.e., whenever complex criminal law cases are involved) or sometimes the cost may be success-based, which is often a rare case.

Cost of an Immigration Thailand Lawyer

Immigration lawyers, as mentioned earlier, commonly charge a flat fee or hourly rates. Roughly, Immigration Thailand Lawyers operating on an hourly basis have their rates setfrom $75 to $150. Larger firms often include VAT charges whenever a client seeks the services of their lawyers.

Most people don’t entirely grasp the importance of having an immigration lawyer in Thailand assisting you in your immigration procedures. One can incur indirect costs, through imprisonment or have a fine slapped on them of THB 500. The worst case scenario is being banned or blacklisted from the Kingdom of Thailand forever.

Why you need an Immigration Thailand Lawyer?

Thailand boasts as being one of the countries with the toughest immigration policies. The complexities of the immigration laws will undoubtedly require you to seek the services of an immigration Lawyer in Thailand.

Due to the complex nature of Thai immigration policies, hiring a lawyer in Thailand can net you several benefits as follows:

  • Faster Immigration Documents processing – Immigration lawyers are well-versed in immigration policies and have technical know-how on how they operate. He/she can bypass certain levels a guarantee you faster document like visas and passports processing. Moreover, they can advise you to the brim on said policies, most important to those seeking a long-term stay in the country.
  • Document filing and preparation –Most people can argue that this can be done without the assistance of a legal representative. However, it is critical to note that failure to enter the correct information, even unintentionally, may hamper your immigration proceedings.
  • Recognition of privileges – There are some underlying privileges, for instance, student visas that most people don’t recognize, and eventually, fail to use them. However, with an immigration lawyer by your side, you’ll be well-informed of possible privileges and their value towards you.

As you can see, most benefits accrued revolve around comfort and efficiency.

Choose Criminal Lawyer With Extensive Experience In Criminal Cases

Have you been charged with a criminal case? Finding a highly competent and experienced criminal lawyer with extensive experience in criminal cases to defend you in criminal matters is very important. By finding the best lawyer in Thailand to handle your case, no matter how simple or complex it might be, increases your chances of getting the best outcome. However, finding such a competent and experienced Thailand lawyer is not a very simple task. You do not have to go asking people, rest you expose yourself to the public and this might ruin your reputation.

Anyone can be charged with a criminal case at one point in time. We are all human, and therefore so prone to mistakes and offenses.  In such a case, we are here to help you get a quick solution by giving you simple guidelines on how to identify the Thai Law Firm to handle your case.

There a several key factors that you should consider for you to identify the ideal Thailand lawyer for your case. Among the many lawyers all claiming to be the best, you need one that will take you through a successful court representation and help you win your case. Which are these factors? Look no further.

Identifying a Thailand attorney who can handle complex criminal charges and manage to handle your case individually is to be thought of. You need an attorney who is able to listen to you and whom you can fluently communicate with in your native language. Go for a Law Firm in Thailand whom you can feel comfortable to talk to ask questions. The Lawyer should be able to communicate with you and alert you of the proceedings of your case right on time to help you become aware of the direction your case is taking.

Thailand lawyer with many years of experience practicing criminal defense is to be considered. Actually a popular Thai Law Firm with not less than 15 years of experience known to have handled numerous trials with positive result is to be thought of to handle your case or that of your loved ones.

Seek to find out how many trials the Thailand lawyer has done. Not many cases go through trial. Many of them are dismissed or resolved in a reduction along the way. But did you know that it is your right to go trial? Therefore , look for an attorney with a record of taking cases through trial rest the prosecutor takes advantage of this and the outcome might not be the best.

Hire Thailand lawyers whose main area of practice is criminal defense. Don’t just go for a general attorney. Criminal defense requires a Thai Law Firm with experience in that given area. Even if you got lawyers who handled your land or divorce issue, this time round find a criminal lawyer.

His reputation matters a lot. Go for a Lawyer Council in Thailand who has a good reputation among his or her peers, judges and other public defenders. For you to achieve this, it is highly advisable you make enquiries before making any engagement with the said lawyer.

Before settling on which Thai Law Firm is best for you, you can individually meet at least three of the ones recommended for you and identify one that you feel comfortable working with. Discuss the terms and charges and come into an agreement before any engagements are made.

Know Your Rights: A Survival Guide from Thai Law Firm

Thai Law Firm finds expert Thailand lawyers who work round the clock to represent you in difficult times. At our law firm in Thailand, lawyers are considerate and want you to know your legal rights and fight for the things you believe in. We know the toll such matters can have on your personal life, finance, and your health. We strive to ensure that every matter of your life runs smoothly and without any trouble.

This is why our Thai Law Firm will assist you in different legal issues. Whether it is a severe criminal case or perhaps you need help to file for bail to keep you, or a loved one out of jail, we’ll be there for you. Just because you or your loved one made one mistake in life doesn’t mean you should pay for it forever. Our highly qualified team of lawyers know legal complications and how to solve them at the back of their mind. These groups of lawyers have received education from all over the world and experience in different practice areas.

Team of Lawyers in Garn Tuntasatityanond & Associates

Our expertise is in trial laws, and we are pretty good at it. We have a team that consists of lawyers who even worked as judges and as senior officials. We maintain amiable ties with current judges and prosecutors. This helps us secure a firm footing in the legal world. The zone of trial cases can be intense, and if you don’t have lawyers who are ready to fight dirty for you when the time calls, then you aren’t doing something right.

We also deal in civil law cases as well as family law issues. We have seen a lot of family disputes, domestic violence issues, property disputes, employer-employee problems, and other areas where the oppressor suppresses the rights of others. We want to make sure your rights are never taken away from you. No matter how messy or intricate the issue is, we are here to comprehensively view the details of your case and help you find the best solution that includes minimal damage to your social and personal life, as well as to your finances.

Our English-speaking Thailand lawyers are present round the clock to assist you, even if what you require is a ‘mere’ legal help in understanding the case. There is hardly any other firm this motivated to serve its clients. However, we take on cases personally and fight diligently to ensure our customers remain safe, protected and get their rights. We know how to deal with challenging matters; our strategy of strong offence makes us feared amongst opponents. We are a firm that is respected throughout the market by judges and other legal bodies. This reputation has been built on client satisfaction, and this measure is crucial to us. If you need help recognizing your legal rights, contact us for assistance.

Garn Tuntasatityanond & Associates is the largest Bangkok Law Firm, oldest criminal law, civil law, family law firm. We’ve experienced attorney, lawyers in Nong Khai, Pattaya, Bangkok Thailand.

5 Legal Ways to Get Out of a Lease with Thailand Lawyers

Thailand lawyers suggest not breaking the law and entertaining only legally accepted options. Getting out of a lease often becomes a headache for tenants as they have to pay the penalty for it. There are many reasons which let you think about getting out a lease, for instance, the behavior of landlord, inconvenient place, and poor life facilities in the area. The transfer of many tenants becomes a reason to take this decision. There are certain reasons and conditions when you can get out of a lease without facing any issue.

Claim the House in Dilapidated

According to Thailand lawyers, nobody can force you to live in a house that lacks basic needs. Similarly, if a house isn’t actually what you were guaranteed in the lease throws the ball in your court. Safe electric system, non cracked walls, proper sanitation system, and smoke detection system are some basic requirements of a home. The absence of any of these facilities strengthens your case save you from a penalty.

Dangerous Surroundings

You can breach the terms of lease contract when the surroundings of the home are unsafe, or there are reported criminal activities. Broken windows and doors, the presence of toxic matter, the absence of vital facilities, something hazardous for health, and noxious odor are some other meaningful reasons of leaving your residence. In the case of no parking lot and shared public area, you can claim to get out of a lease.

Inform Landlord about the Issue

Thailand lawyers suggest giving some time to the landlord so he may solve the issue. Do inform him and give him enough time to resolve the problem. Don’t abandon the home without letting it in the knowledge of the landlord. If he fails to solve the issue within a certain time period, then you can gain legal right to terminate the lease. It’s better to report the issue in the form of written document, so you have a solid proof against the other party.

Solve the Matter Personally  

Discuss your concerns with your landlord and ask him to solve the matter personally. Inform him about your concerns and try to convince him to let you out of the lease. Offer him the rent of next month or try to help him in finding new tenants. Make sure always make contracts in written form as verbal treaties are difficult to prove in the court.

Take Advantage of Civil Codes

Civil codes allow the tenants to breach a contract if the landlord doesn’t respond to your requirements and give no answer to your written request. However, you are required to pay the bill until you confront him in court continuously.

Our best lawyers in Thailand, Bangkok, Pattaya and Nong Khai investigates different clauses before taking action. Getting out of a lease is possible and hassle free with the help of legal ways, and it also doesn’t leave any grudge for you. Follow law to make your life easy and effective.

Things to consider while selecting one of the best Thailand Lawyers

Thailand Lawyers have taken the liberty of informing you about the top qualities that you must look for in an attorney considering how a wide range of clients end up wasting a lot of their time and money on unsuitable. This will further enable you to determine how a Thai Law Firm has aligned their services as per the requirements of our clients. Without further ado, let’s take a closer look.


The first thing that you have to look for is the expertise of your chosen lawyer. It’s never a good idea to hire a lawyer from those Thailand Lawyers who doesn’t have expertise in the practice area that your legal issue is related to. Remember, even choosing the second best is never a good option when it comes to selecting a Thai Attorney to get rid of legal concern.


Let’s face it; you don’t have time to experiment with a newcomer and see if he comes up to your expectations. If the matter in hand is serious, and you are looking forward to dealing with it in an efficient fashion, always opt for one of the best Thailand Lawyers. We have years of experience in the given practice areas. It’ll let you have a peace of mind that your case is in safe hands since your lawyer is familiar with all the delicacies and technicalities.


It is to be kept in mind that selecting a Thai Law Firm without doing an extensive research regarding their general reputation will certainly haunt you at a later phase of your case. Make sure that you are conducting your research not only on the internet but do also ask around and get a recommendation from their previous clients before you choose to pay them for the service.


Well, this may not be a priority for you depending on the type and complications associated with your particular case. However, it is recommended to opt for lawyers in Thailand who is part of a reputable law firm. That way, you can ensure that they have all the resources at their disposal to get the result in your favor.

Success Rate:

A major part of doing extensive research to the reputation of the thai attorney that you have chosen is evaluating their success rate. Being active in a particular practice area is certainly not sufficient as long as the success rate of the lawyer is not worth boasting. Unfortunately, the professional won’t be of any help to you if he has a reputation of failing in most of his cases lying in the category of his “Expertise“.


Last but not the least; it is of absolute importance that you and your potential lawyer are capable of communicating in a language that you both understand. Always prefer a lawyer who keeps you informed about the entire process and explain its importance to you in plain and simple language without the use of technical terms. Never compromise on Thai Attorney who promises to serve the purpose but doesn’t keep you informed at all or perhaps refuses to call you back or respond to your emails in time.

Thailand Lawyers: Adept at English Speaking

Being in a foreign country already sucks. The worst is when you get caught by the cops in a foreign country, and you have no idea who to turn to. And there is nothing you can do even if you manage to turn to some attorneys because the moment they know that you are a foreigner, they will turn their heads towards what they were doing prior to addressing you. The Thailand lawyers must be the one you should be knocking your doors before falling into the ravine of distrust and hopelessness.

English Speaking Thai Lawyers are the Key to Success

The best Thai Law Firm is one and only law firm in the entire-ties of the Thailand whose every employee speaks English as it were his/her mother tongue. Not a single employee of Thailand lawyers, except the marketing manager, is a foreigner. The key to success is to equip yourself with tools and tactics of the age. English is what universalizes the entire population of the world. It brings the mob on one platform and makes everyone feels like they are connected somehow. Apart from a language relaxation, a sense of sentiment is also created which aids in explaining one’s motives towards anything.

According to several thinkers and philosophers of the day, if you know just five hundred words of English and you know how to use them, makes you the citizen of the world. Means you no longer are held by the geographical or cultural barriers because the English language is a universal language having the highest number of speakers across the globe.

We Defend & Represent our Clients in a Wide Range of Disputes

Thailand law firm have exploited this lack of English speaking lawyers in Thailand and have recruited such lawyers having a strong command over the English language. This is the reason why Australian and Russian embassies have hired Garn Tuntasatityanond & Associates to defend and represent their clients if they are detained in Thailand due to charges they have committed or haven’t committed. In many high profile cases, the Bangkok Law Firm have proved their mettle in front of the English royal court as well and even in Australian courts defending their citizens.

Another key to success is to understand your client properly and from each and every aspect, pull out or extricate the information he is trying to say but can’t express due to certain moral constraints. One can only understand these constraints if he understands the native language to the fullest. After getting to know the client properly, the Thai lawyers sit down together and jot down a plan to counter the effects of the questions being thrown at our client. Then we devise a line of action which serves as a strong defense line in expressing our client’s concerns to the courts. In many cases, the Thai Lawyers have made sure the exoneration of foreigners with not a single penny charges on them.  

GarnTuntasatityanond & Associates is a Thai Law Firm, oldest criminal law, civil law, family law firm. We’ve experienced attorney, lawyers in Bangkok Thailand.

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