Thailand Lawyers: A Den of Experienced Trial Lawyers


Getting into a simple brawl in the middle of a road doesn’t need to be cared for. But if it is another country in which you are a foreigner and living on a passport, definitely you are going to be detained even if you acted in self-defence. In Thailand, laws are quite strict. People have to abide by the rules and regulations enforced by the government. Every now and then, Thailand lawyers are seen running to save the foreign delegates and even tourists. But quite a few of them, are granted bail.

Garn Tuntasatityanond & Associates:


The Garn Tuntasatityanond & Associates is a team of experienced Thailand lawyers having the best degrees and tactics to solve each and every case of the client. Especially, when it comes to trial cases, we are best and are second to none. Since we have built quite a reputation due to our association with some high profile cases, the track record of Thailand lawyers has risen to the peaks.

The reason we call our company a den of experienced lawyers is, each and everyone on our team, leading from the boss to the retired personnel, is quite experienced. An average experience every employee of ours has got is more than a decade in trial law. We offer our services in almost every branch. In banking laws, our team of lawyers is so efficient that they can convert any application to a noose against the applicant himself. If somebody is trapped in the case in which he is innocent but his/her relatives are trying to snatch away his property, no need to worry as the Thailand lawyers have gotten your back.

Same goes for the civil cases in which there is a dispute, and it can be resolved easily via negotiations. Our team at the company doesn’t comprise just lawyers. We have top-notch negotiators who we dispatch with our clients after getting to know the stories of both the parties who are involved in disputes against each other. After our team of negotiators have properly understood the entire situation, they come up with the most unlikely yet the best in propositions in favour of both the parties. They make them aware of the circumstances and consequences they will have to confront if not acceded to those terms of the agreement.

To the surprise of many, almost ninety percent of the cases are resolved by just negotiations and in exchange, we charge a nominal fee for our services from both the parties which are present and they clear their payables in a flash of a second because it’s us, who save them from losing hundreds and thousands of currency notes over a matter of just misunderstanding.

In a nutshell, Thailand lawyers have proved their mettle in almost every case which has been represented by them in Thailand and even in Australia. Our teams of competent lawyers know what and when to deliver the best to those who put their trust in us.


Garn Tuntasatityanond & Associates is a Thai Law Firm which has an entire team of skilled and experienced Thailand Lawyers. They care about you and committed to providing you excellent services.


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