Family Law Cases in Thailand

Family laws matters involving divorce or child custody can often be emotionally charged processes for the participants. These matters can result in children being taken away from their parents and often involve the distributions of significant sums of money.

No other type of business or personal litigation comes close to the intensity of divorce. There is nothing worst or more vicious. The family court system of divorce is inherently adversarial. The culture and traditions of Thailand have had a unique impact on the creation of the existing divorce laws. Garn Tuntasatityanond  is experienced with the Thailand divorce process and its particular blend of legal circumstances. Garn Tuntasatityanond  is specifically oriented to the representation of foreigners living in Thailand. He provides his clients with  vigorous and compassionate representation.

Child Custody
Child custody cases in any country are very sensitive and vitally important. For foreigners living  in Thailand the language and legal issues can be very complicated. Garn Tuntasatityanond  is extremely experienced in Thai divorce and custody procedures and will dedicate himself to maximize the best outcome for his clients.

Marriage Law is unique in Thailand and marriages bring up the need for many legal services that are important and should not be taken lightly. Before you get married all necessary issues need to be discussed to make sure down the road problems do not arise or are minimized. Garn Tuntasatityanond  has many years of experience in assisting clients with marriage issues before and after the wedding.

Prenuptial Agreement
Prenuptial Agreements are the best way for both parties in a marriage to protect themselves from issues and complications that can arise in a marriage. Garn Tuntasatityanond  has extensive experience and countless satisfied clients who have entered into prenuptial agreements before their wedding day.