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We believe the best defense - is a strong Offense.

We are a trial law firm representing both defendants and plaintiffs

Trial law is our sole area of practice.

We are the only Thailand law firm that is exclusively committed to trial law.

As a result of our exclusive focus with trial law, and our work with high profile cases, we have established a track record that has earned us a renowned and esteemed reputation.

No other Thailand law firm can match the abilities and capabilities of our team: Retired criminal court and appeals court Judge, retired Royal Thailand Police Lt. Colonel, Legal Officer of the Thailand Court, Barrister, associate lawyers and investigators.

The trial of a case in court is war. As a result of a war in a criminal case people are either jailed or freed, in the family court children can be taken from their parent’s, in the civil court fortunes can be lost. The key to winning a case at trail is through controlling the war. The most effective response to any attack is not a defense, but a counter attack that puts us in control. When our clients are attacked, we counter attack and our attacks are relentless.

In civil and family law cases we have a reputation for our abilities at trial and our negotiation skills. Our bargaining powers during negotiations are aided by our reputation as strong trial lawyers. Opposing counsel knows that if the case goes to trial they will have a formidable opponent in Garn Tuntasatityanond & Associates.

We are respected by the prosecutors and judges in the courtrooms in which we often appear.

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When you hire Garn Tuntasatityanond & Associates you will be represented by:

  1. A Confident, smart, and aggressive trial lawyer/barrister who cares about you and is committed to providing you with a vigorous defense.
  1. A seasoned trial lawyer with a great deal of experience with criminal and civil trials and has achieved an impressive track record of success.
  1. Supported by an exceptional team that includes a retired judge, police colonel, senior legal officer of the Thailand Court, forensic investigator, associate attorneys, American client relationship manager, researchers and paralegals.

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  • Attempted Murder – suspended sentence
  • Fraud & Embezzlement – suspended sentence
  • Immigration Violation – case dismissed
  • Possession of illegal narcotics – case dismissed
  • Possession of illegal narcotics with intent to sell – case dismissed/not guilty
  • Larceny – suspended sentence for 2 clients/couple
  • Possession of 80 grams of methamphetamines with intent to sell – case dismissed
  • Possession and use of stolen credit cards – a 30 year sentenced reduced to 1 year
  • Shoplifting – numerous cases – all suspended sentences
  • Bail – obtained in numerous serious cases granted though appeal
  • International Bail – obtained in numerous cases
  • Divorce –Thai lady married to British citizen in England
  • Attempted murder/shooting of police officer – case dismissed
  • Larceny in Airport International Terminal – 6 years imprisonment reduced to suspended sentence
  • International Human Trafficking Case of 492 of Tamil Migrants into Canada illegally from Thailand – Not Guilty

Legal Advisor’s for Human Trafficking Case in the Canadian Criminal Court.

Legal expert advisor’s in Thai law and Royal Thai Police procedures. Instrumental in the exclusion of all evidence against the defendant that originated from Thailand, including prior arrests, identification of vessel in Thailand, as well as the defendant’s possession of spare parts and oil for the vessel at the time of arrest in Thailand. Exclusion of Royal Thailand Police testimony, reports and evidences.


  • Possession of 150 kilos of heroin – death penalty applies
  • Rape – 30 year penalty if convicted
  • Possession of 1 kilo of cocaine – Phuket Airport – death penalty applies
  • Shoplifting – 2-3 year penalty if convicted
  • Possession of 0.5 grams of methamphetamines – 4+ year penalty if convicted
  • Possession of 2 grams of ecstasy – 6+ year penalty if convicted
  • Child custody – American father denied access to his child by Thai mother
  • Human Trafficking – Supreme Court appeal – 30 year prior sentence
  • Fraud /Embezzlement – plaintiff’s attorney, civil and criminal
  • Fraud – defendant’s attorney- Supreme Court appeal – 3.5 year prior sentence
  • Drugs – Supreme Court appeal – 33 year prior sentence 10,000 tablet “Ice”
  • Dismembered body found in freezer
  • Counterfeit passports – possession and distribution
  • Possession of firearms
  • Possession of 7.7 grams of ICE
  • Prosecution of fraud case against business partner – 100 Million Thai baht
  • Prosecution of fraud case against business partner –  5 Million Thai baht
  • Prosecution of fraud case against former spouse – 10 Million Thai baht

In Thailand more than 0.375 grams of any drug is charged as intent to sell

Whether you are faced with a criminal charge, divorce, child custody matter, or a serious civil dispute, you need an effective advocate working on your behalf. Our Thailand Lawyer‘s experience, reputation and track record assures that you will receive the highest quality representation.

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