Why hire Thailand Lawyers for Family Law Cases in Thailand

Family law in Thailand encompasses any family-relevant matters in the country mainly child adoption (quite uncommon in Thailand), divorce, and marriage. Foreigners living in Thailand and thinking about adopting any Thai children or getting married in the country should seek consultation from Thailand lawyers before proceeding with anything.

Your Thailand family lawyer represents you every step of the way when you are filing a lawsuit. During lawsuit filing, you should consider several factors namely determining the relevant parties to the case, determining the court’s jurisdiction, and designating the court accordingly. Such factors, among others, will make it imperative to seek the assistance of a Thailand lawyer, particularly one who is adept at handling family law cases.

The services provided by our Thailand lawyers include but are not limited to marriage consultation, child custody, prenuptial agreements, child adoption, divorce, and marriage registration. You need the services of a Thailand lawyer especially when putting together personal legal documents, notary services, private agreements, public instruments, and more.

We have established our clientele based on our genuine reputation for offering high-quality legal services not only in family-related issues, but also corporate or business related matters, criminal, and civil law. Our Thailand lawyers are professionals in their relevant areas of expertise so you can be secure in the fact that you will be receiving only the best legal services. We believe in resolving matters in a manner that is both cost-efficient and conciliatory. Our Thailand lawyers offer insight on all matters Thai family law seeing as we have vast experience in handling custody disputes or writing up alimony claims.

If you plan to marry while in Thailand, then a Thailand lawyer will help you register your marriage at a local district office for the union to be considered legitimate. Muslims in Thailand should also seek the assistance of a Thailand lawyer if they want to get married in Thailand for an Islamic marriage to be arranged and then registered in the country.

It is crucial that you seek counsel from a Thailand lawyer if you plan to divorce in Thailand because they can offer you support and advice. You can choose between a divorce by consent and a litigated divorce depending on the circumstances of your situation. If you are going through a divorce, then you are better off if you know the grounds for the divorce in Thailand so you can know the best way of going about it. Alimony and child custody will come up during the conversation with your Thailand lawyer on divorce. Such cases can be complicated especially across borders.

Your lawyer will also help you draft a prenuptial agreement if you want to get married in Thailand and you want to make sure your property is protected.

A last will and testament will be necessary if you have retired while in Thailand; you will also need to add it to your retirement visa and our family Thailand lawyers can assist with this process. You should have a retirement for your home state and one for Thailand to save time and money following your passing.

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