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Thai law firm is a partnership between Thai & English Speaking lawyers who come together to offer their expertise to clients under one association. These partners share the profits of the firm as well as the loss (risk) and engage other lawyers to work with them as associates. They can work at the firm for a given period of time and establish their competence at work. These associates can even become partners at the law firm and share in the profits and management of the firm. Thai Law Firms cater to the interests of companies & private individuals alike, though most of the large law firms in Thailand deal exclusively with corporate houses that are companies. Working at Thailand law firms involve dealing with a wide variety of cases that may or may not be restricted to a particular area of the law.

Common Legal Specialty of a Thai Law Firm

The Law firm in Thailand offering legal services in a broad range of practice areas. Many do focus on one particular niche or area of law. A few common legal specialties in Thai Law Firm include:

Dealing with Separate Departments

Major Law firms in Thailand have separate litigation & corporate departments. Litigation department deals with the disputes in which the clients are involved. Working in the litigation department of Thai law firm does mainly litigation entails interaction with leading attorneys. While the corporate department advice businesses or companies on the corporate which they are involved in. For example, acquisitions of companies, investment in Thailand by foreign clients, important inter-company agreements, Massive Project’s financing undertaken by the clients and etc.

Face Unique Challenges & Benefits

Working in a Thailand law firm has its own unique challenges & benefits. Laws are complex & ever changing. Thus, attorneys spend more time on researching & analyzing laws so they can effectively represent their clients.

Lawyer Council in Thailand work to represent their clients with their best in legal practices. Many law firm choose to offer one area of expertise while some choose to focus on distinctive areas of specialty such as real estate, , civil law, immigration, family law, divorce, bankruptcy, criminal law, etc.

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