What is Family Law in Thailand?

Family Law in Thailand

Family Law in Thailand is the matters which are involved divorce and child custody. Family law covers quite a lot of areas. In Family law, the major areas covers are divorce or child custody. However, there are many other areas that cover under family law are child support, Marriage Law, and Prenuptial Agreements, and so on and so forth.

When an individual is determined to be incapable of making sound decisions over his own well-being, then rights of custody are passed to someone who can be responsible for helping them to make those sound decisions. There are many different types of custody. In most cases, the standards of custody are determined by a court of law. If a person is awarded primary custody, which is mostly obtainable in the case of a child, he or she is the primary caregiver and is responsible for the welfare and well-being of the person. The area of law that covers who gets custody rights also support rights is known as family law.

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