Who represent a company or corporate or employment government agency or a labor union?

Employment attorneys can either represent a particular individual, group of workers, a company, a corporate, a labor union, or an employment government agency. If you happen to fall into any of these categories and you need the services of a top-notch, first-rate law firm, Garn Tuntassatity and associates is the best law agency in Thailand. Based in Bangkok, Thailand, we are solely based on trial law and we are committed to the very best legal services to our clients. We have a team of well-educated and experienced legal exponents with years of experience in employment law as well as other areas of law.

We are very committed to offering the very best services to our clients. We are determined to make sure that our clients get favorable end results from any legal dealings. If you are looking for capable Thai lawyers who will make sure that you get the very best legal services that you will get in Thailand. Talk to us today to discuss your options.

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